For Sale by Owner

Planning and Preparing Your Home for Sale – Without a Realtor!


Cheat Sheet

For a quick review or to use as a check list, here’s the plan from start to finish on how to sell your own home:


Start visiting local open houses, read the real estate ads, compare your home to similar homes and work out your price.


Do minor repairs, determine if any major work needs to be done. Clean and remove clutter. Make your home appeal to as many as possible with a fresh coat of neutral paint, remove distracting décor or artwork and put family pictures away.


Find a lawyer. Ask them about costs and availability for short notice appointments. Have them assist you in filling out the contracts ahead of time. Familiarize yourself with legal clauses that might be added and how to protect yourself.



Know your home – design, materials and relevant details such as condo fees. Get a For Sale sign. Create a compelling ad. List your ad in newspapers and online at ‘For Sale by Owner’ websites.


Prepare your home by tidying up and lighting the rooms. Advertise the open house in your newspaper. Have your papers ready and a receipt book to take deposits.


Negotiate with prospects. Don’t take offense to negative comments and be prepared for unqualified or non-serious browsers. Try to work with every offer.


Cover your basis with subjects and escape clauses. Take a deposit and contact your lawyer right away.