For Sale by Owner

Planning and Preparing Your Home for Sale – Without a Realtor!


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  • Introduction: Should You Sell Your Home Yourself? Pros and Cons
    Should you sell your home yourself? Do you need the help of an agent? Find out the pros and cons of selling for yourself.

  • How Do You Evaluate Your Home? Check The Market
    Choosing the right price for your home is crucial to making a sale. You risk everything if your price is too far off the current market. You don’t want to discourage buyers because you are pricing too high and you don’t want to throw away equity because of a low asking price. So, how do you evaluate your home?

  • Preparing Your Home for the Market
    Now it’s time to look as objectively at your own home as you did to other peoples’ homes. Preparing everything requires organisation: cleaning the home, knowing all the details about it and setting up the paperwork.

  • How to Advertise Your Home ?
    Don’t worry. You’ve already done the hard work. Your research has been conducted, your home has been cleaned and prepared and you have all the vital information necessary to offer prospective buyers. Now you need to get the word out! Advertise your home!

  • How to Show (and SELL) Your Home ? Open Door And Phone Contact
    You’ve done your research. You’ve priced your home, cleaned and freshened it up. Your sign is hung out and you’ve worked hard on creating an intriguing ad. You told everyone you know that you’re selling your home. Now you wait for the phone to ring and you expect your first visit at your open door.

  • Legal Issues
    Selling and buying homes requires legal paperwork. Writing contracts to sell your home is tricky business and you do need a lawyer to help you. Find one by asking for recommendations from family or friends or by looking for one in the phone book. Ask for a consultation before deciding.

  • Cheat Sheet: Quick Review Check List
    For a quick review or to use as a check list, here’s the plan from start to finish on how to sell your own home.

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